Kayla Koeune-Weisel x DGR Helmet

Kayla Koeune-Weisel x DGR Helmet

Winning Bid: $1,150.00 USD

Kayla Koeune-Weisel

Inferno Artist

About Kayla

Kayla’s art is inspired by travels and a mission to do good, making her the perfect DGR helmet artist! She founded Inferno Art Studio L.L.C. in 2012 where she divides her time between commissioned art and my own work. Utilize diverse subject matters and mediums; from oil and watercolors, to graphic art and design, enamels, and mural work, Kayla is always growing her work, and herself. “As I grow as a human, I find myself wanting to give back to those doing good and so I’ve started my next page with the Art for Good Project. My artwork takes an explorative eye of the world around me, often seeing culture and landscape through my adventurous nature and addiction to travel. My subjects are as broad as nature and humanity are interesting, and I find new attitudes in my work the more of the world I see.”

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Helmet Inspiration

This inspiration behind my helmets focus around the female form and the embodiment of femininity. I studied figure art in college, and is what I am the most passionate about.

Helmet Information

This helmet size is Extra Large and are ECE approved.

While they might fit your head and be approved for your road use, they may be better suited to the mantlepiece as they are unique, one-of-one, custom designs.