Maxwell Paternoster x DGR Helmet

Maxwell Paternoster x DGR Helmet

Winning Bid: $3,000.00 USD

Maxwell Paternoster


About Maxwell

Beginning his artistic journey as a boy in a Saturday art class in Ipswich, Maxwell’s illustration style has always made its way back to cartoon, back-of-the-textbook style drawing – despite many attempts to adapt and change. Maxwell taps into the memories of his youth to create his pieces, drawing inspiration from cartoons, comics, robots and machines – almost everything you’ll find a boy drawn to in the department store toy section. His style is simple, effective, and is something we can all get ourselves lost in. Every inch of his work tells a story with its dark, edgy, and twisted characters; lightning bolts and lasers. Maxwell is a truly unique artist, who always brings his work back to the world of motorcycling.

Follow Maxwell at @datanoster

Helmet Inspiration

“I decided to take a more relaxed fun approach to this helmet. I opted for a variety of loosely drawn ideas to give the viewer multiple things to digest visually.”

Helmet Information

This helmet size is Extra Large and are ECE approved.

While they might fit your head and be approved for your road use, they may be better suited to the mantlepiece as they are unique, one-of-one, custom designs.