Mo Coppoletta x DGR Helmet

Mo Coppoletta x DGR Helmet

Winning Bid: $2,000.00 USD

Mo Coppoletta

Tattoo Artist

About Mo

Founder of the tattoo parlour, The Family Business, in London’s Exmouth market since 2003, the studio soon became a cardinal presence in both the London and International tattoo scenes and has been growing steadily ever since. Born and raised in Verona, he originally studied to be a lawyer, however, tattooing was his true calling. He’s arguably the most elegant and well-dressed tattoo artist in the world, a man with finely acquired taste that he has expressed at countless DGR events.

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Helmet Inspiration

“Since I made tattoo my living, I was always fascinated by Eastern iconography symbolic power. I wanted to turn the helmet into a talisman when worn, that’s why I thought of a guardian lion, also known a shishi, or foo dog, an intimidating, mythical creature as it symbolises prosperity, success , but most of all guardianship. This mythical guardian lions has special protective powers and will watch over the rider and the road even when riding through a thunderstorm.”
Helmet Information
This helmet size is Extra Large and are ECE approved. While they might fit your head and be approved for your road use, they may be better suited to the mantlepiece as they are unique, one-of-one, custom designs.