Sindy Sinn x DGR Helmet

Sindy Sinn x DGR Helmet

Winning Bid: $1,250.00 USD

Sindy Sinn


About Sindy

A legendary local from Sydney, Australia, Sindy is an illustrator, mural artist, heavy metal fan, and fellow moto-lover. His designs have been adapted for all sorts of illustrative branding, appearing in all shapes and sizes from merchandise to full-blown murals – each with their own loud and fun style with Sindy’s flair and a sense of spontaneous energy. Sindy’s special style features creepy characters and punchy lettering have become recognisable by all those who have seen his work. It’s hard to take a walk through Sydney’s Inner West without spotting a Sindy Sinn or two.

Follow Sindy at @sindysinn

Helmet Information

This helmet size is Extra Large and are ECE approved.

While they might fit your head and be approved for your road use, they may be better suited to the mantlepiece as they are unique, one-of-one, custom designs.