Steve Caballero x DGR Helmet

Steve Caballero x DGR Helmet

Winning Bid: $1,350.00 USD

Steve Caballero

Skateboarder & Artist

About Steve

Arguably one of the most popular names in skateboarding, Steve Caballero┬ábegan skating in 1976 at the age of 12 and started his career at age 14. He turned pro in 1980 during the Gold Cup series at the Oasis Skatepark, Southern California. By this time, Caballero had invented the ‘Caballerial’ (also known as ‘Cab’), a skateboarding trick also known as the fakie 360 aerial, and is also credited with inventing the frontside boardslide. Skating isn’t the only thing in Steve’s wheelhouse though. As a creative outlet off the board, Steve uses a brush and a pen to help create and design artwork and graphics for various companies within the skateboard and motocross industry, producing original paintings for art shows all over the world and offering reproduction artist prints for sale.

Follow Steve at @stevecaballero

Helmet Information

This helmet size is Extra Large and are ECE approved.

While they might fit your head and be approved for your road use, they may be better suited to the mantlepiece as they are unique, one-of-one, custom designs.